Following a decade of research and writings concerning local small businesses and communities, National Commonwealth Group has developed a comprehensive strategy to help local communities take control of their local economies. By implementing our program, communities can quickly bootstrap their economies into prosperity. 

To get this tool into the hands of communities worldwide, we look forward to working with individuals and groups interested in helping us with our efforts or launching their own. Join the wave!


The MONEY page outlines the fundamentals that inform our strategy and implementation plans.

The VEHICLES section, and articles that describe Commonwealth Development Organizations, Public Benefit Financial Institutions and Small Business Holding Companies, lays out the key building blocks necessary to implement our overall strategy.

The PROJECTS page introduces our pilot project aimed at helping the residents of Puerto Rico reimagine, rebuild, reinforce and revitalize their economy. 



As a registered non-profit organization, NCG can accept tax-deductible contributions. Prefer to invest? Make an impact with your investment in one of our for-profit companies.

Partner with Us

Could your institution make a difference? We partner with businesses, universities, churches, economic development groups, community organizations and others to fulfill our mission.

Join our Team

Your expertise can help make our Puerto Rico project a success. Wherever you are in the world, we will be happy to work with anyone who is passionate about empowering communities.

Call us at 650 641 1246 or email us.


NCG is listed with GuideStar, the world’s largest database of information about nonprofit organizations. GuideStar is used by charitable donors to verify that a recipient organization is established and that donated funds are used as the donor intended.

NCG is registered with Fidelity Charitable’s Giving Account, the largest donor-advised fund program in the country. 

Support our Puerto Rico program directly through PayPal.

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